7 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Car batteries are the unsung heroes of the automotive world, they function in adverse climatic conditions and rough terrain. If your car doesn’t start at the first turn of the key you might want to look out for signs of a dying battery. Getting stranded in the middle of a long road trip can be a very embarrassing situation. So it is best to replace your car battery before it is too late. So here are seven signs that your car battery need to be replaced.

Slow Engine Crank

If the cranking of your engine is sluggish and your car takes a longer time to stat it is a sign that your battery is weak. If your battery is low in charge you may hear a clicking noise when you attempt to start your car but your car will not start as there is insufficient charge present in the battery to start the engine. The battery consumes a lot of power to get your car started so this is a clear sign that your car battery needs replacement. However if your car engine doesn’t crank but if your headlights and turn signals function properly it is a sign that the starter motor or the fuel injection system is facing issues.

Your Car’s Electrical Components Seize to Function

This situation is easy to diagnose as you are certain that your battery is at fault. So if your car shows no signs of life odds are that your battery needs to be replaced. However before you jump to a conclusion you need to run a check the alternator because the alternator is responsible for transferring energy from the battery to the car’s electrical components.

Issues with Electrical Components

A clear sign that your battery is low or dying is if your car’s electrical accessories such as power windows, power seats, radio, windshield wipers are unresponsive. Look out for small symptoms such as slow rolling up of power windows, dim headlights, dim dashboard lights, low sound output from speakers, reduced blow from the air conditioner. If your car shows these symptoms its high time you repair or replace your battery accordingly.

Don’t Ignore the Dashboard Warning Light

Most people have a habit of ignoring the low battery warning light or check engine light thinking it would be a minor malfunction. This warning light will turn on if your battery is not being charged properly or if there is an issue with the alternator. Make sure that you get your car’s electrical system checked by a certified professional to determine the cause of the problem.

Look Out For a Swollen Battery Case

A car battery is designed to contain a chemical reaction in a box, sometimes if there is a wrong reaction the battery will be subjected to excess heat or cold during the reaction. This will results in swelling in the battery case, if you don’t use your car for prolonged period of time in the winter it would lead to battery fluid discharge. If your battery fluid freezes or discharges it would lead to a dead battery which needs to be replaced.

Engine Backfiring

If your car backfires frequently then it can be symptom of a dying car battery. Most modern cars are equipped with an electronic fuel injection system which requires battery power to function. If sufficient current is not supplied to the fuel injector it will lead to an irregular flow of fuel to the engine. An irregular flow of fuel to the engine will result in engine backfiring. 

Old Age

An average Lead acid battery lasts for four to five years. This figure will defer depending on the temperature, climatic condition, maintenance etc. So once your battery hits the four year mark it is advisable to let a mechanic run a few tests on the battery to determine it’s possible lifespan. 

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